Hannah brennen

Hannah is an entrepreneur with a few things on the go.


- Co-founder of Sleepout

- Humane tech advocate

- Board member at Victoria University (UofT).


Hi! I'm Hannah.

I'm the Co-Founder of Sleepout, a sleep brand with a mission to help people sleep better and a vision to make the planet better than we found it.

We do this with innovative sleep products, sleep education with the world's top sleep researchers, and a climate-positive business model that makes a net-positive impact on the planet.

I've spent several years in tech, with experience at both early-stage Canadian tech companies and consulting at IBM. I'm an advocate for humane tech and sit on the Board of Regents at Victoria College (UofT).


About Sleepout
We invented our first product, the Sleepout Curtain - a portable blackout curtain that installs to darken any room in seconds - originally to help address Mark’s insomnia during the pandemic.

We host Science of Sleep, a seminar & Q&A series that explores different areas of sleep research to help translate the wealth of academic research into knowledge that can make a difference in day-to-day life.

Our approach to being climate positive is multifaceted. We offset the emissions from our production, shipping, and regular business activities. Sustainability is central to our product - we design for longevity, use high quality materials, and reduce plastic and packaging. We’re proud to have achieved multiple certifications for ethical trade, materials quality, and low-emissions manufacturing. From the beginning, we plant one tree for every product we sell.



Mostly from the past. See the shoebox in my closet for more.